I maybe have some new info about flea market, but i would like if a few people could confirm it: - only 5 neighbours will come to your house to buy things - they won't buy more than 3 items - the price you can ask for an item can be higher than double its selling price at Nook's
Flea Market occurs every month, except August and December, on the 4th Sunday. From 6:00 am to 12 ... want to sell the day before Flea Market. But you can’t sell everything, villagers will only buy ... something just below) and lower the price in steps of a few hundred bells. To make Flea Market really - last edited Oct 9, 2011 by Poptartz69 Poptartz69
they don't seem to be happening today in our town, and there is no announcement of a flea market tomorrow?
Hi, Can anyone confirm that villagers will buy DLC during the flea market, but will not buy fossils? Thanks.
Whenever I put mushrooms in my house and it's the flea market, they never buy them. So I dunno.
I guess I will save some of them for Flea Market day. I don't have "good" fish and bugs to sell anymore.
OK, simple question. Will villagers buy mushrooms on Flea Market Day? Not the furniture, I mean the Mushrooms. (heck, they buy Bugs and Fish like crazy) I can't sem to find the answer here on the Wiki. Thanks all! If they will buy them, I will save my rare and elegant mushrooms for Flea Market Day.
In ACWW flea market, you could trick the buyers into buying more than 3 items by leaving the room and coming back. Each time they buy 3 more things. This does not work in ACCF. IN ACWW, the buyers bought just about everything. They would pay big bucks for fossils. In ACCF, they will NOT buy fossils
I got so tired of not getting that exotic chest. I had like 10 flea markets in a row and the villagers did'nt wanna sell it to me. So I tryed something else. I TT'd back to saturday and then again ... and got it the same way. He did'nt sell me the first 2 flea markets I tryed. So if you TT then it's a
I think that this may be correct (regretfully)... I WASN'T prepared for the flea market before I logged on today, and I had 5 people come in BEFORE I'd removed the stuff I didn't want to sell and put out the stuff I wanted to. I actually "forced" three villagers out of my house, because I wanted
How would I see a flea on a villager? How would I know that they had one? Kind of a dumb question but I would like to find out.
During the Flea Market yesterday, I asked for--and was paid--35,000 bells for a shark. Which made me wonder, what are others being paid for their rare fish?? So, what was the fish and how much were you paid?
Just a bit of info I gleaned from attempting to sell items during the flea market today (5 ... . I know that this trick worked in Wild World, and I saw that the flea market page here mentions it ... at the flea market, you might want to take that into consideration when deciding what to put in your room
How many villagers will be in their houses available to sell their furniture? I've always noticed i
I'm not sure who wrote the novella in the flea market section, but it isn't completely true. Someone purchased a Bunny Balloon from me, and you can't order Phineas items from the catalog.
How would he get fleas because he is metal
Hee hee... You will know; you will see a little black dot bouncing on the villager and you will hear the flea springing up and down.
I had the same experience with first two statements: - only 5 neighbours will come to your house to
I can confirm that villagers will buy for higher than double Nook's selling price.