Note: In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nookington's was only available as the final upgrade once the player or players had visited another town or had someone else visit their town (communication via Wi-Fia, in not so many words!) If this could not be achieved during the game, the town would not recieve the Nookington's upgrade, and would stay with NookWay, providing the player had recieved the NookWay upgrade anyway!
  • fourth incarnation of Tom Nook's shop and the greatest number of goods available for purchase each day.
  • only version of the shop with a second floor.
  • In the lower floor Tom Nook sells saplings, flower seeds, tools, medicine, and stationery, and the Nook Point Tracking System is also present.
  • In the upper floor, Tommy and Timmy sell furniture, wallpaper and carpets, and paint for the roof of a character's house.
  • largest shop for ground coverage
  • Overall it is 6 tiles wide.
  • Nookington's, along with Nookway and Nook 'n' Go, has the ability to display "spotlight items" on some days. When this occurs, the town notice board will display a message (added on the same day) naming the spotlight item.
  • drawback of only being open between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. - the shortest opening time of any of Nook's shops.

Important Notice, Please Read:

30 days after Nookington's is built for the first time, Tom Nook will ask players their preference for what his shop provides. All players can respond, and the outcome is decided in much the same way as a vote for some town donation rewards. "Better hours" results in the store remodeling to Nook 'n' Go, "Variety" keeps Nookington's, and "Balance" causes the store to change to Nookway. As with donation rewards, this change does not occur for another week. The question will then be repeated, regardless of store, periodically, allowing players the ability to switch between stores occasionally.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, Nookington's also housed Shampoodle, the hair salon run by Harriet. This has since relocated to the city with expanded features, and the door leading to it from Nookington's previously is now simply a bare wall.