Time traveling is setting the time of your Animal Crossing game to a different time in the future or past. You can adjust the clock by selecting 'other things' when talking to Rover before you start or by changing the time and date on the Wii menu, which can be easier to keep track of for some. There are advantages and disadvantages to time traveling:

Advantages (although some may be a disadvantage for players)

  • Provides another way to play and enjoy the game.
  • Traveling forward grows seedlings into trees.
  • Travel to see/buy items in Redd's shop.Being able to get many points by skipping to Tom's Point Special days.
  • Ability to get all 36 New Year's shirts (2000 - 2035).
  • Can be used to regrow grass/snow by traveling forward one day at a time (many days are required).
  • Can be used to obtain large numbers of gyroids.
  • Get 10 items in lost and found if skipping forward enough days (15+). (Usually has lots of pitfall seeds and stationary.)
  • Forward into the next month or more via Wii menu - earn interest on deposited money.
  • Traveling backward in the same day keeps the same Nook am/pm turnip prices.
  • Going back to any prior day gets a different inventory at Nooks (could be disadvantage for some).
  • Time traveling backwards results in no weeds.
  • Moving forward or back in time by days will allow you to buy coffee again from Brewster, throw an additional axe in the fountain, and find a money rock again.
  • Time traveling forward means different items in Nooks and Ables.
  • You could get Hybrid Flowers, for more info go to Creating Hybrids.
  • Interest in your Bank account will increase. (only with Wii Menu clock)
  • Travel forward to see K.K. Slider.
  • Travel to Bid/Display items at Lloid's Auction House.

Disadvantages (although some may be an advantage for players)

  • Weeds (can get a Rafflesia if Time Traveled long enough) (Also happens if you don't play for a long time)
  • Inability to buy red turnip for one week. (If only time-traveled backwards in same day [not Sunday] then a red turnip will still be available to buy.)
  • If no red turnips available then there is a higher chance that Nook will have a steadily declining turnip price week.
  • Traveling back to prior days results in different Nook turnip prices (price ranges from 30 to 600+).
  • Backwards time-travel to any time before your last game save will cause white turnips to rot (including ones in lost and found).
  • Traveling back day(s) gets different turnip prices from Joan (price ranges from 90 to 110 bells).
  • Neighbors move out. (Also happens if you don't play for a long time)
  • Backwards into November - no mushrooms generated for that day.
  • Backwards by more than a day disrupts mail for a day or so.
  • If current date is more than a week removed from real world time, inability to participate in auctions.
  • Interference with auction participation by other players you have befriended.
  • Phineas won't visit your city for a week.
  • Flowers dying. (Also happens if you don't play for a long time)
  • Bed Head. (Also happens if you don't play for a long time)
  • Cockroaches may appear in your house. Run over them to get rid of them. (Also happens if you don't play for a certain amount of time)
  • You may lose your tan.
  • Time traveling backwards causes Redd's to "be sold out of all items" and to be closed until the next Wednesday. Although, if you buy all the items from Redd's Shop then TT* one day, he will be open.
  • Katie or Kaitlin could disappear from your town.

Non-Detectable "time travel": Use the Wii menu and time travel forward. The game keeps a copy of the last time you were on the game. When you start the game it compares the two times for calculating interest earned, tree growth, fruit, etc... If you use Rover to change the time, then the game knows this. If you time travel backwards using the Wii menu, when it compares the time it will know you time traveled. A trick is to time travel back a day or week before, start the game and quit, time travel forward and then play. (Travel back to Saturday and play/quit then travel forward a week to Sunday and Joan will have red turnips). However, if you time travel again before starting the game the game charges you the full time traveled.