How to get a tan
You can get a darker tan in the summer by walking anywhere in the sun for long enough. You will notice the tan will appear the next day, not immediately. If you have the darkest tan (Level 5), it will stay Level 5. But if you take a break and don't go into the sun, your tan will change into Level 4 and so on. Your tan will disappear a little bit every day if you haven't been walking around in the sun each day. Also, your tan will begin to disappear on rainy or cloudy days. There are five levels of a tan, each one darker than the last.

You can get a tan from July 16th to September 15th. The game has to have a clear sky outside and it must be during daylight hours (when the clock on the upper left-hand corner of the screen has a full picture of the sun, which should be between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., depending on the time of year). The only thing that stops a tan from appearing is an umbrella or parasol.
The second option to get a tan is to use a Mii Mask. You can get a Mii Mask at Shampoodle. Choose for a Make-Over.

The required things to get a tan are:
  • Be sure it's between July 16th and September 15th.
  • Be sure it's between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Don't carry an umbrella.
  • Be sure it's not cloudy outside.

A tip for knowing if you're actually tanning is to make a plain pattern that is skin colored (Palette 10/16, see below) and wear it as a shirt, in the sun. As you tan, you will start noticing that your skin is becoming darker than the shirt, and it will become very noticeable after about two to three hours.

Removing a tan
To remove a tan, go out with an umbrella, don't go out during daylight, or stay inside. Drastic measures include time traveling or staying off the game for long periods of time. Hats and helmets will NOT stop tans from appearing, nor will masks or sunglasses.

Also, around the beginning of August your character's tan will start to disappear. Each day and every day that it starts disappearing it will turn lighter and lighter each following day until the tan is fully removed. You do not need an umbrella equipped during this period of time.

Your skin color can start by looking as white as this...
Going out with an umbrella on sunny days will prevent a tan.

...To as dark as this...
external image 1z3q97m.jpg
If you select an Mii with a tan your character's arms will change into the same color. You can find your skin colors back in palette 10/16:

Tan Level
Skin Color
Time needed
Mii Mask
0 hours
15 min.
1 hour
around 2 hours
level 3 tan.jpg
3-4 hours
around 5 hours

Fun fact: When you have a tan and you close your eyes by blinking (happens randomly), watering flowers, do the celebration for paying off your debt, doing an emotion that involves closing your eyes, etc. above your eyes you will see a small patch of pale skin (level 1 tan)

Rumors: You can only get a tan by walking on the shore line of the beach but this is a myth.