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Free Gifts from Neighbors

If you help somebody in your town (giving presents to other animals, finding their key) you'll get free stuff in return.

Town Fund

A feature that Animal Crossing: City Folk has which has not been seen in previous Animal Crossing games is the 'town fund' feature, which can offer your town new landmarks and improvements. The Town Fund feature allows players in a town to donate bells to the town. You can donate to your town fund by going to Town Hall, talking to Pelly or Phyllis at the civics counter, and selecting 'Town Fund'.

For landmarks to be built you must select a location in the Town Hall's Civic Center and you must wait a full week after voting. If you go to the newly built landmark on the day it is built you will meet up with Tortimer unless it is a certain holiday.

Note: Costs listed are in addition to bells already donated towards other improvements. For example, after donating 200,000 bells for a new bridge, an additional 400,000 bells must be donated before a fountain is built, bringing the cumulative total amount of bells donated to 600,000.

The bridge will be the first thing built (before fountain/windmill/lighthouse). Donate 200,000 bells to the Town Hall for the bridge.

Go to the Town Hall, (Civic Center/Town Funds) on the day after you donated the 200,000 bells to start the voting process which will last one week. A notice for voting will also be posted on the Bulletin Board in front of Town Hall.

You will be presented with two or three choices for the bridge location. If you get only two choices then they will
Bridge Selection Screen
probably be very close to your other bridges. Only your human-controlled characters get to vote and the location with the most votes will win. If none of the four possible characters votes then the bridge will be "chosen" automatically at the end of the week by the villagers in your town. Go down to the bridge and you will meet Tortimer.

On rare occasions you will start with 3 bridges. When you have it and pay off the fund for a new bridge, you will get a 4th bridge as your award.
You can't choose any place for the bridge once it is announced.
You can not donate any Bells while the bridge is being voted on and constructed.

Note: Be sure to donate only the exact amount of bells for the bridge/fountain/windmill/lighthouse. Any bells donated in excess of the cost of each improvement will not be returned, and will not be applied to the next available improvement. Also, do not donate any bells for an improvement until the previous improvement is completed. You will not be notified by the Town Hall that an improvement is going to be built until the day after all the bells have been donated.

Rumor: It is said that Windmill increases town beauty while Lighthouse increases chances of rare fish.
Rumor: It has been reported that if 3 bridges are required (as in when there's an "island" within the town) then you can still choose the location of the 4th bridge.


Cumulative Total
Bridge (3rd or 4th)




Lighthouse or Windmill



On the day the fountain is constructed, you will not be able to throw an axe into it. Tortimer blocks the front of the fountain (unless it is a holiday) at first, but opening your gates makes Tortimer disappear, and closing them again typically relocates him a little, allowing access. Still, swinging an axe at the fountain on that day does not throw it in. The fountain is located in front of the Town Gates on the stone part in front of the bus stop.

Note: The guide published by Prima Games listed the cost of the fountain as 500,000 bells. Although this amount has been widely repeated, it is incorrect.

Note: After the first Lighthouse or Windmill is built, there is nothing else to get. You can only have one, the choice is permanent.

Reward Screenshots:

The Bridge is built a week after voting starts.

Fountain built

Once you reach the final upgrade, you may choose between a light house or a windmill.
Which one will you choose?

Tom Nook Points System

Nook Points are character-specific reward points which increase each time that character makes a purchase at Tom Nook's shop. They do not increase when items are sold to Nook.

There is a Nook Point Tracking System in Nook's shop which states how many points a character currently has, as well as how many total points they have accumulated (including points they have spent). This machine can also award "Visitor Points" once per day, which slightly increases your Nook Points. If a character collects Visitor Points from its home town, it will gain 3 points, but if the character performs the same function in another town it will gain 5 points (this can only be done if the person has not gotten their daily points already).

When buying an item in Nook's store, a character gains 1 Nook Point for every 100 bells spent. Items that are less than 100 Bells, for example, seeds and saplings, still hold a value of 1 point. This includes items bought directly from the store and from Nook's catalog. Occasionally Nook will offer a "5x Point Special", a day-long promotion in which a character gets 5 points for every 100 bells spent (not 1 point for every 20 bells spent, which rounds differently).

The character's "member" title will be upgraded automatically when they reach certain point totals. Each title improvement automatically sends that character a mail "From TNPS" announcing the promotion and including a model of one of the incarnations of Nook's shop, which can be placed as furniture.


Member Type
Store Discount
1st Purchase
Nook's Cranny
Nook 'n' Go

The TNPS rank rewards

From Silver Member upwards, each upgrade also grants permanent discounts on all goods bought from Nook's shop. The cumulative totals of the discounts are shown in the table above (so being a Gold Member is a 10% discount, not a 15% discount as the 5% from Silver is already included). The discount does not in any way affect goods sold to Nook, but it does apply to other special promotions held at Nook's store (for example, "50% off" sales cut the discounted price in half so overall the item's price drops to 40% of its original price).

In turn, discounted goods also award fewer Nook Points than they used to (so an item that originally costs 10,000 bells would give 100 Nook Points, but should a Platinum Member purchase it for 8,000 bells they would only receive 80 Nook Points).

The Nook Point Tracking System can tell a player how many points the current character needs in order to achieve the next Member level, though if they are already a Platinum Member it instead waxes lyrical about their shopping frequency. The maximum of Nook Points that any one player can accumulate is 50,000 points.

The Nook Points themselves can also be spent on exclusive Nintendo-themed rewards as shown below. They can not be re-ordered from your catalog.

Nook Point Rewards:

500 Points
Triple Shells
800 Points
Yoshi's Egg
1,000 Points
Bad Bro Stache
2,500 Points
Toad Hat
3,000 Points
Peach's Parasol
4,000 Points
Hero's Clothes
5,000 Points
Varia Suit
5,000 Points
Wario Hat
5,000 Points
Hero's Cap
6,000 Points
Majora's Mask
6,000 Points
Samus Mask
6,000 Points
Midna's Mask
6,500 Points
10,000 Points

As with ordering from your catalog, you will receive the item in the next letter from the NPTS in your mail. Unlike the regular
catalog, you may only order ONE item per day. You will have to wait until Tom opens his shop the next day
Example of letter then you order an NPTS item.

Bank of Nintendo Deposit Rewards

The Bank of Nintendo can send a character rewards if they deposit enough bells in their account. At 6 AM, the game checks the number of bells in each character's account and if the balance matches or exceeds a milestone in the table below for the first time, that character is sent a letter the same morning containing a gift corresponding to the milestone.
10,000 Bells
Shopping Card
Can only be used to shop at GracieGrace's .Must have in pocket when you want to use it. Works like a debit card. If you lose the shopping card you go to your ABD and click "Reissue Card" . Then you get another card by mail the next day.
100,000 Bells
Box of Tissues
Has no use. Decoration only.
1,000,000 Bells
Gold Card
Gold Card can only be used at GracieGrace. Works like a debit card. Must be in your pocket to use it.
10,000,000 Bells
Piggy Bank
When placing this item in your house and touching it by pressing A, 1 bell will be placed inside the piggy bank. Each time you touch it, 1 bell gets put in it. Once you put the bell in, there is no way of getting it back. The bells do not go to your bank.
100,000,000 Bells
Green Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
200,000,000 Bells
Blue Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
300,000,000 Bells
Yellow Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
400,000,000 Bells
Red Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
500,000,000 Bells
Purple Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
600,000,000 Bells
White Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
700,000,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather
Can be ordered from Nook's Catalog for a much cheaper price if obtained before.
999,999,999 Bells
ABD Machine
Automatic Bell Dispenser, or ABD. Can be placed in your own house to gain convenient access to your bank account. The player will even have his or her ABD branch named after them.

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