Pavé is a peacock that shows up during Festivale, which occurs seven weeks before Easter Monday each year (that is, the same time as Carnival in Rio de Janiero). Give candy obtained from the villagers to Pavé in exchange for some exclusive furniture from the Pavé Series.

Pavé will ask you to get three pieces of a certain color candy and he will give you one piece of furniture for every three pieces of candy. The furniture can be ones given prior. The way to get candy is to play games with your villagers. It can be football (soccer); flip the coin; ESP test (guess the shape and fruit); which hand; or rock, paper, scissors.

When you play games with your villagers you need to have something to bet with. If you do not have candy, you need to have 500 bells, if you don't have bells with you, the villager ask for a random item in your pockets, if your pockets are empty the villagers won't play with you, since you have nothing to bet with. If you don't want the day to get too expensive, empty your money from you pockets and carry around only sea shells or fruit! Also, if you are wearing a matching outfit when you first see a villager, they will give you a piece of candy and compliment your outfit. (The matching fruit outfits, shirt and hat, are known to work.)

Tip: Keep your candy in letters or on the ground, since it may be harder to get candy than other items. If you leave your candy on the ground for too long, you will get ants (this will not affect the candy).