Similarly to Animal Crossing: Wild World, there are hackers for City Folk/Lets Go to the City. Unlike in Wild World, the hackers do not pose as great of a threat, if any. Hacking in City Folk/Let's Go To The City is accomplished in two ways. The first is using a game save editor with which the hacker uses their computer to manually edit the game save extracted from the Wii and then installing it back into their Wii with the newly edited town.

The community of hackers have managed to obtain a variety of hacked items(items not originally intended to be obtainable by normal means of game play.) These are available to trade over Wi-Fi to non-hackers. These are considered hacked items, not to be confused with HDLC or region exclusives.

The full list can be found here.

The list includes:

  • White and brown pots (Pots in Nook's Cranny)
  • Moth orchid (Flower inside of the HRA headquarters)
  • Moving boxes (In villagers house when they enter or leave your town the first day)
  • Nintendo bench (Seen in Wild World)
  • Invisible chair and couch
  • Note in a bottle (Unlike in Wild World, this note in a bottle can't be thrown into the ocean.)
  • Letter
  • Blue falcon (same item found in the Wild World Mario theme.)
  • Paper Bag (just like sparklers, roman candles and others things look while in the floor)
  • Sold out signs (the ones at Gracie's, Able Sisters, Redd's, and Nook's)
  • Paint cans

The community of hackers have also created items known as HDLC which stands for Hacked Downloadable Content. Another variety of HDLC are called OHDLC which stands for Overlapped Hacked Downloadable Content. Overlapped items are available exclusively to hackers. HDLC are distributed similarly to official DLCs except they are NOT sanctioned or affiliated with the official Nintendo released DLCs in any way. The HDLC items include the ShinyBluePikmin, blue and red light sabers, TriPokeball, the red and blue demon masks and the Dimentio mask. Also for the HDLC items that are masks please note that non-hackers can only have one of these items. See Hacked DLC page for more info on these hacked items.

Hackers are often blamed for destroying other player's towns. However since game save editing programs do not work in real time it can't be used to ruin or destroy a town. The codes that work in real time, or during game play, can't be used during a Wi-Fi session. It is believed at one point it was possible, but that particular can not be used on Wi-Fi any longer or now. Thus anyone who uses the Wi-Fi feature to visit other player's towns has the ability to wreak havoc. To prevent your town from being destroyed always use caution when adding players to your Friend Roster.

People with access to game save editing programs known as ACToolkit, ez_dlc_install V2, NPC_Tool, Pattview And PattviewX can change nearly all the aspects of their gaming experience. They are often known as hackers, but in actuality they don't hack their game, they just edit it. Not all features are listed for each program here.

Aspiring/New Hackers:

If you need help with any of the processes involving installing the Homebrew Channel/Browser onto your wii, Using the ACToolKit to edit your town, or any of the other features involved with enhancing your playing experiences through hacking, you can contact me, MAYHEMjbc. I will leave some notes for new hackers at the bottom of this page about some of the programs listed. Click here to go there now!
Contact at:

Using ACToolKit players can:

  • Edit the map(Including trees, flowers, rocks, patterns, grass amount and style, items, bugs,fish, DLC) you can also move any building where ever you want.
  • Acres, including a variety of unused map parts.
  • The resident's (which can be changed) name and appearance (tan, hair style, face, & shoe color). However changing the player's gender is not available.
  • Obtain any of the available items in the game.
  • Complete your music and the catalog available at Nook's.
  • Gain the maximum amount of bells.
  • Change items in Nook's store.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Nook's store.
  • For more on hacked towns click here.

How to Use ACToolkit:

  1. go to and download the version you want (either the one for Microsoft or Apple)
  2. Then download it and extract the zip folder you downloaded
  3. When you have done this, open up the ACToolkit.exe
  4. Once you have done this, then get the Homebrew Browser if you don't have it as shown here: (leads away from site)
  5. Once you have the Homebrew Browser, download The Savegame Manager GX under the utility section in the Homebrew Browser
  6. Get a gamesave on your sd card from Savegame manager and run it on ACToolkit.
  7. Do anything you want with it (it's pretty easy to operate) and then you have a hacked town.
If you need help contact me through wikispace at andrewbr549 or MAYHEMjbc at

Using ez_dlc_install V2 players can;

  • Add or remove any of the available DLC, HDLC, and OHDLC items.
This program does not allow players to create their own HDLC items as that is an advance feature left to the more experienced hackers.

Using NPC_Tool players can change;

  • The villagers of their town to any of the available 210 villagers and personalities.
  • Add custom created villagers.
  • Modify the villagers room contents (wallpaper, floor, & furniture)
  • Modify the villager shirt and umbrella style.
  • Each villagers catch phrase.
Even with the NPC_Tool players are still limited to 10 villagers. Also the NPC_Tool does not change the exterior style of the villager houses.

For more information regarding the NPC_Tool, click here. (Leads away from site).

Using Pattview players can;

  • Edit and change the patterns in their town. This includes changing the patterns for up to all 4 of the residents, all of the villagers, and the patterns at Able Sister's.
  • Import (add downloaded patterns) or export (save patterns in a .pat file to share with other Pattview users)

The information gathered for this entry was obtained from the official threads by the game save editor creators at the web forum Again more detailed information on each of the game save editing programs please visit that forum. Registration is necessary to participate in the forums. For images and detailed information of the HDLC and OHDLC see the Hacked DLC page.

Pictures of items received by hacking (they are only available by hacking but are not hacked items) Some of the items were placed to incorporate compatibility with Animal Crossing: Wild World.
1. white and brown pots
2. moth orchid
3. moving boxes
4. Nintendo bench
5. invisible chair
6. note in a bottle and letter
7. pikmin and blue falcon
8. Shiny blue pikmin hat and lightsaber (red and blue)
White and Brown Pots. Care to guess which is which?

Moth Orchid

Moving Boxes. Named 'not used' by the game

Nintendo Bench.

The Invisible Chair. There is also an Invisible Sofa, same effects though. Both are listed as 'not used' in-game.

Letter & Note in a Bottle. Note: The 'Note in a bottle' is a hacked item. You can only recieve it by hacking it.

Pikmin and the Blue Falcon

A Shiny Blue Pikmin Hat and a Red Lightsaber

Video Examples

Here are some video examples of what hackers can do:

Screen shot Examples

Below are screen shots that show what a hacker can do:
The player's house merged with Nookway.

A custom villager.

Tom Nook selling moving boxes, or as the game calls it, not used.

Anchovy, with a blue beak and blue feet.

A hacked town's map.
A hacked town's map.

The players' sad realization...

See the house in the ocean?

A plea to a friend, with promises of riches.

There is also a code which allows the hacker to move objects, take them, or place objects down. If a hacker does this to a villager's house, the furniture they had will re-spawn when the hacker enters their house again. Thus, they can duplicate items that they want.

However, this also applies to a player's house. If a hacker takes an item from the player's house, it will not re-spawn. If worse comes to worst, the player should shut the power off if they see this happen, even if it does mean not saving.

This code can create some odd effects, as seen below. If a player and a hacker work together, the player can get behind the counter at the post office. Oddly enough, the player can't talk to either Pelly or Phyllis when he or she gets back there.

This not only works in the post office, but it can also happen in different areas as well, such as the Able Sisters' clothing store.

There are two ways to undo the effects of items abnormally placed:
  1. Having the host save the game.
  2. If possible, leaving the building and coming back.

If the hacker places a carpet on the floor of a building such as Nookington's, the game will freeze. If this is done on Wi-Fi, any other players in the host's town will not freeze, but they will be disconnected from the host, losing their progress.
The hacker has trapped the player.

The player talking to the mayor. Kinda creepy...


Self-explanatory. Or is it?

A hacked town map, showing the players' custom made town. Is that an island?

A hacked town map, showing the players' custom made town. Check out that island!
A hacked town map, showing the players' custom made town. Check out that island!

Create child favorites in your town.
Aniaml Crossing is so pleasant the even a wolf god wants a piece of the action.
Some gender-swapped faces look better than others.

For Aspiring & New Hackers

This section of the Hackers page is for those of you that are interested in becoming hackers, or are new hackers. I will show you the User Interfaces, and a brief description of how to use the various programs for hacking.


The ACToolkit User Interface is very easy to understand. Pretty much self explanatory, but I will go over some of the basic functions. This program is the first one that you should install on your computer, but before this is installed be sure to have the Homebrew Channel and Homebrew Browser installed on your Nintendo Wii. (see above)

Opening Page
Opening Page
The above picture is what you see after you select your saved game off of your SD Card. From here you can edit your Wallet, ABD, Tom Nook Points, and Town Name. To change any of these just click "Set" and enter in a number/word. The resident whose settings you're changing's name is listed at the top where I have put the first red "Example" text. To change the resident whose settings you are editing, you click the "Residents tab at the top of the window, and switch to resident 1, 2, 3, or 4 in order of their registration in the game. You can see very clearly at the bottom of the Window the boxes that say Pockets, Emotions, Drawers, and Appearance. Those allow you to go into the advanced editing settings that allow you to place specific items and change specific parts of your Character.


Pocket Editing UI
Pocket Editing UI

The pocket editing user interface is a little more complicated than the opening screen. The yellow and teal boxes show where objects are in your pocket when you save your game and transfer it into your computer. The white boxes are empty spaces. To check what an item in your pocket is, you click the "Check" box towards the top of the Window, then click on any of the boxes. It will then tell you what that box is directly below the "Check" box. You can see in this example picture that I have clicked on the giant snakehead that was in my pocket.

To place a new item in your pocket you find the item or piece of furniture in the box on the right, click on it, click the "Place" box and then click an empty, white box in your pocket. To delete an item in your pocket, click the "Delete" box and then click on any of the colored boxes in your pocket that you want to get rid of. I think that the item/furniture selection process on the right is pretty self explanatory, but if you have any problems feel free to contact me.


Drawer Editing UI
Drawer Editing UI
The drawer editing user interface is the exact same as the pocket editing UI with the exception of size. The drawer is huge! Just in case you didn't already guess, the drawer is the 16 page storage dresser/cupboard that can be accessed only in your house after you have purchased any type of dresser, wardrobe, or cupboard.

Again, if you have any trouble with the drawer interface, feel free to contact me. I will say that the column farthest to the right side of the drawer interface has given me problems, so I leave it blank for the most part, as you can see in the picture. That is the only bug that I have noticed with the interfaces in the ACtk.


Emotion Editing UI
Emotion Editing UI
The emotions that your character can use during the game can be edited with ACtk. Switching around your emotions is as simple as choosing a new emotion from the drop down menus. The emotions that only be acquired by seeing Frillard can be found too, including agreement, bashfulness, inspiration, outrage, sleepiness, and thought.


Appearance Editing UI
Appearance Editing UI
Very similar to the Emotion editing user interface, the appearance editing user interface allows users to change various aspects of the player appearance via the drop-down menus. Now you don't have to worry about accidently turning your hair pink! (Not that there is anything wrong with pink)

Editing Your Town and Town Acres:

For this, I will leave it to this section of a video from ZappyZipper to describe.

Summary/Contact Me:

This is a very basic tutorial on using the most basic aspects of ACtk. There are more difficult features to the game that I won't take the time to describe because there are websites that already do, and they can describe it much better than I can. Here's one website that has a little bit more in depth description of the program and all of it's features. If for any reason you need some help with any hacking or the installation of the Homebrew Channel/Browser, let me know by contacting me either through wikispaces, or at


Hacking your Wii or any Video Games associated with your Wii is not safe, and not supported by Nintendo. Installing the Homebrew Channel automatically voids your warranty. This Website, it's members, and it's administrators will not be responsible for any damages that hacking your Wii can cause, and will not be held responsible for any problems resulting in the hacking of your Wii or it's games. The links on this page lead to websites that have been tested to not download viruses to your computer or Wii, but if there is a problem with any of the links, please contact the website administrator.

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