hra-mat.gifThe Happy Room Academy (HRA) is an in-game organization which inspects your house once a week, and scores the style and placement of your [[#|furniture]] and other decorations. On Sunday morning you will receive a letter (unless you ask Lyle to stop sending you letters) from the HRA advising you of your score. When you first arrive in your town, after a couple of days you will recieve a letter from Lyle, the weasel who works in the HRA Headquarters. Joining the HRA is not compulsory, although you will find that the villagers in your town have joined the HRA, and their rooms will occasionally be the model room if they match the chosen theme. If you decide to join, visit the city on the bus and go to the HRA HQ and speak to Lyle about joining. Once you join, your room faces the chance of being chosen for the model room if it matches the theme of whatever the HRA choose.

Showcasing [[#|complete]] furniture sets and series and/or rare or expensive pieces of furniture will help boost your HRA score with special point bonuses (see below). Following the rules of Animal Crossing Feng Shui will also boost your score. What seems to be the easiest and possibly cheapest way to collect HRA points is to acquire as many HRA Lucky Items as possible. Eighteen lucky items alone will get you well over 100,000 points.

One significant difference between AC: City's HRA and previous versions is that in AC: City Folk, your basement will also be judged and included in your HRA score.

In the City you can visit the HRA headquarters, where you can view your friends' scores via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Model Room is situated at the back of the headquarters, and is used to give a good example of how a room can be furnished by displaying an exact copy of a room in your town or one of your friend's towns. You can wander around the room, and the names of the different items in the room will appear when you click on them.
Inside the Happy Room Academy Lobby. NOTE: The white flower on the desk is a Moth Orchid, an item only available by hacking.
At the beginning of every month, a theme is chosen, which can either be:
1) Room with the highest HRA score
2) Room with the best Feng Shui
3) Most 'grown-up' or 'sophisticated' room (the one with the most Dignified style furniture)
4) Most 'beautiful' or 'cute' room (the one with the most Playful style furniture)
5) Most 'avant-garde' room (the one with the most Trendy style furniture)
6) Most 'nostalgic' or 'traditional' room (the one with the most Retro style furniture)

The first room to win in that category will appear until the next weekend when the HRA evaluations are announced. If a different room now has a higher score in that category, it will become the new model room for the following week. If the same room is still the highest scoring, then it will remain as the model room, but will be updated to reflect any recent changes which have taken place in the room's contents or arrangement.

There is no actual benefit associated with being chosen as the model room, other than the kudos of beating your friend's scores and letting others admire your room.

On Sunday the HRA sends you your evaluation results on academy paper. You can "opt in" or "opt out" of receiving these mailings by talking to Lyle at the HRA Headquarters. To [[#|check]] your HRA points at any time, talk to Lyle in the Headquarters.

Academy Paper

It is mainly a bit of fun to see how well you can decorate your house, but if you score a lot of points there will be a reward (see below).

Point Bonuses


Points and [[#|Details]]
Complete Series

20,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series.
Complete Series + Wallpaper or Carpet

25,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series, and either matching wallpaper or carpet.
Complete Series + Wallpaper and Carpet

30,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series, plus both the matching wallpaper and carpet.
Furniture Theme Flooring or Wallpaper

3,000 points just for a theme's flooring or wallpaper.
Furniture Theme Flooring or Wallpaper + Theme Furniture

3,000 x number of pieces of furniture in the room which match the carpet or wallpaper.
Complete furniture set

1,000 points for each piece in the set.

HRA Prizes



House Model

Wide-house Model

Two-story Model

From left to right: House Model, Wide-House Model, Two-Story Model