Native Fruit

Although there are six kinds of fruit in the Animal Crossing series, each player's new town will start with only one type of fruit on 15-25 trees. Those trees will bear whats referred to as the town's "native fruit". Each tree will have three pieces of fruit on it, and will regrow three days after you shake it off. Native fruit can be sold to Tom Nook for 100 bells each. There is no way to change your town's native fruit. The choice is completely random.

100 percent growing

Chop down an existing fruit tree, dig up the root and plant the fruit and it will have a 100% chance of growing!

Foreign Fruit

Foreign fruits are any fruit that are not native to your town. For example, if cherries are your native fruit, apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and coconuts would be your foreign fruit. (Coconuts cannot be your native fruit, thus every town would consider coconuts as foreign fruit. See below for more details). Each piece of foreign fruit sells for 500 bells at Tom Nooks store. .

Obtaining Foreign Fruit

To obtain foreign fruit, players can visit each other's town and trade with one another, or they can simply send fruit through the mail to each other. Players can also try to get foreign fruit from their villagers by sending them a gift attached to a letter . (Write "How are you?"* exactly like that to any of the animals in your town. Result: Clothes, Furniture or Native Fruit)
Suggestion: Try including a native fruit. This gives you a better chance of getting a foreign fruit back.
*Saying "Please send fruit" also can work. Again, write exactly like that.
When you first get foreign fruit, it's a good idea to plant some in your town so you have a continuous local supply. Remember, trees cannot grow in all spots; replacing an already existing tree is the only way to guarantee a fruit tree's growth.

Planting Fruit

Fruit can be planted in the ground using a shovel. If it grows, it will grow into a fruit tree. Planting a foreign fruit orchard and harvesting it every three days is a great way to earn money since one full load of foreign fruit is worth 7,500 bells, while one full load of native fruit is only worth 1,500 bells. Watering is unnecessary when growing trees. Some saplings will not grow, because they may be planted in a "do not allow trees" tile. To remove these, simply dig them up with a shovel. Unlike flowers, saplings will not die if you run over them. A good and easy way to plant them and re-assure they will grow is by cutting down a large amount of trees were you want the orchard to be, then dig up the stumps, but leave the holes there ( leave the stumps however, if you don't have the fruit yet). then replace each spot were a tree was with a native fruit tree, and there is a 100% chance your tree will grow!*

*An example of when it would not grow is when you have a tree right next to or nearly on the spot were the fountain would be before it's built.
First, you dig a hole, still holding your shovel, open your inventory and click on a fruit and press 'bury'.

To replace a tree that already exists with a fruit tree,you equip
your axe and then hit the tree with it three times to chop it down.
Then equip your shovel and dig out the stump. Now go to your
inventory, select a fruit, and click "Bury".

Coconuts must be planted in the bottom 2 row of acres in a town or they will not grow. Only two coconuts grow on each palm tree. Coconuts are found on the shore on random days at random times anytime during the year. As coconuts can never be a town's native fruit, Tom Nook buys them in every town for 500 bells. The more coconut trees you have the more washed up coconuts you will find on shore. As known, planting fruit in the winter is not such a good idea as the tree is not likely to grow, don't think any different with coconuts as they have only a 10% chance of growing during the winter whereas they usually have a 80% chance of growing in the late spring, summer and some of autumn.

Player shaking coconut trees.

Rumor: A while back, somebody made a YouTube video showing a banana tree. A few days later, they admitted that they hacked it. Then the video was deleted. Note: There are NO banana trees in Animal Crossing City Folk/ Let's Go to the City.