Feng Shui is the belief that items and furniture can be arranged in your house to increase the flow of life energy. This is thought to bring good health and good luck. Animal Crossing has its own form of Feng Shui. In Animal Crossing you place yellow furniture and items on the West (left) side, red items and furniture to the East (right) side and green items and furniture to the South (bottom). This is said to give higher scores when it comes to the Happy Room Academy (HRA).

Placement for Different Sized Rooms

There are also a number of Lucky Items, which can be placed anywhere in the room. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not lucky items contribute to Feng Shui, other than those that have color, such as the Washer/Dryer (Green). They do add 7,777 points to your HRA score. Having more than one of each item in a room will still only give 7,777 points.

The items are:
  • Arwing
  • Dracaena
  • Four-Leafed Clover (found from clover weeds)
  • Garden Gnome
  • Ivory Piano
  • Jack-in-the-Box
  • Lefty Lucky Cat
  • Lovely Phone
  • Lucky Black Cat
  • Lucky Gold Cat
  • Lucky Cat
  • Master Sword
  • Music Box
  • Piggy Bank
  • Raccoon Figurine
  • Samurai Suit
  • Treasure Chest
  • Triforce
  • Washer/Dryer

Feng Shui Scoring
(NOTE: This section is up for debate. It is difficult to find concrete evidence to support it)

A score is created from the placement of your items and their appropriate colors. Every item has some alignment to a color. Some have multiple color elements (ex. Watermelon Table is Red/Green) and some are double-colored (ex. Green Lava Lamp is Green/Green). As such, some items are worth more points naturally on specified colors - a Watermelon Bed in the southeast corner is worth more than if it was in just the south or east (see examples below). Items spanning multiple spaces have their points given for each space they sit in. A Green Table entirely in the south part of your house takes up 4 spaces (it's 2x2), so you get +2 for each spot, totalling +8 for just the table. Also note that any item placed on top of this table will also get counted towards your total score.

Some examples of scoring placements:
  • A Green Lava Lamp (Green/Green) on a green square gets +2, on a green/red or green/yellow gets +1, and anywhere else gets +0.
  • A Sunflower (Green/Yellow) on a green or yellow square gets +1, on a green/yellow square gets +2, and anywhere else gets +0.

    To maximize your score, you'll want to put specially-colored tables on the sides and stock them full of colored items. This way, you can utilize the normal spots while gaining extra points from the tables. Also try to keep doubly-colored items like the Watermelon Table (Red/Green) and the Sunflower (Green/Yellow) in the corners.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Increase Yellow Feng Shui to:
-Increase the amount of bells that villagers give you as a reward when you do stuff for them (I think the amount they give you is the amount of points).
-Increase your ability to obtain an 8th bag of money (worth 8,000 bells) from the money rock. A score of 73 "points" seems to be the minimum needed.
-Increase the probability of success of Bell Trees. (While it's known that the amount buried affects the chance of success, yellow Feng Shui might add a bonus % chance as well.)
-Increase the probability that non-counterfeit paintings appear at Redd's.

Increase Red Feng Shui to:
-Increase the probability that Mario Items appear in floating balloon presents.
-Also increase the probability of non-counterfeit paintings appearing at Redd's.
-Increase the chance that "Crazy Redd exclusives" appear at Redd's.

Increase Green Feng Shui to:
-Increase the chance that spotlight items appear at Nook's.
-Increase the chance of non-counterfeit paintings appearing at Redd's.
-Increase the chance that "Crazy Redd exclusives" appear at Redd's.
-Increase the chance to catch a coelacanth

Basement and second floor are counted for feng shui "points".

While it seems easy to test some of the yellow benefits (it's easy to observe an increase in villager bell rewards and the money rock bonus has been confirmed), most of the benefits of Feng Shui, including the chance of non-counterfeit paintings appearing at Redd's and such, seem rather difficult to test, as there is no hard numbers available for comparison. The only way to confirm or deny such a result is simply through repeated observation.

---Information in this section taken from Liquefy's Animal Crossing: City Folk FAQ and observations.---

Note: In AC: Wild World, a town was considered to be in one of three groups, "A", "B" or "C." Each group had its own portion of furniture that would appear at Nook's. Increasing Green Feng Shui increased the likelyhood that furniture from the other two groups would also appear. Whether or not this applies to City Folk (as it's even unclear as to whether or not groups even exist in City Folk) has yet to be observed or commented on.

Feng Shui items

azalea bonsai
Baby panda
basic green bed
big festive tree
billiard table
bird bath
clothesline pole
coconut palm
corn plant
deer scare
desert cactus
dracaena (Lucky Item)
fan palm
festive tree
froggy chair
grapefruit table
green furniture set(all items)
green lava lamp
hawthorn bonsai
holly bonsai
hospital bed
iris chair
iris table
jade econo-chair
lady palm
lily-pad table
lime chair
mahjong table
Mugho Bonsai
Museum Model
Nook's Cranny
Pear Dresser
Pear Wardrobe
Pine Bonsai
Ponderosa Bonsai
Ranch Chair
Ranch Couch
Ranch Tea Table
Rock Guitar
Round Cactus
Rubber Tree
Ship Cannon
Sleeping Bag
Snake Plant
Table Lamp
Tall Cactus
Tennis Table
Train Set
Washer/Dryer (Lucky Item)
Weeping Fig
Green Pipe
Koopa Shell
apple TV
basic red bed
candy machine
clear model
detour arrow
dog house
executive toy
fire hydrant
garden gnome (Lucky Item)
gas pump
haz-mat barrel
iron frame
lawn mower
life ring
maple bonsai
Metal Guitar
Mushroom Bed
Mushroom Stand
Mushroom Table
Mushroom TV
Orange Cone
Quince Bonsai
Red Armchair
Red Boom Box
Red Clock
Red Corner
Red Drum
Red Sofa
Red Vase
Saw Horse
Tiki Torch
Traffic Cone
Trash Bin
Vacuum Cleaner
White Golf Bag
Gorgeous Sofa
alarm clock
basic yellow bed
blue bed
blue table
bug trophy
cash register
cement mixer
classic sofa
clothes closet
Diver Dan
elephant slide
exotic lamp
flying saucer
gold econo-chair
gold stereo
gold trophy (fishing)
hi-fi stereo
jasmine bonsai
judge's bell
lefty lucky cat (Lucky Item)
lucky cat (Lucky Item)
lucky gold cat (Lucky Item)
lunar lander
Mama bear
Mountain Bike
Mummy's Casket
Odd Clock
Oil Drum
Picnic Table
Pineapple Bed
Regal Lamp
Samurai Suit (Lucky Item)
Snowman TV
Steam Roller
Striped Cone
Tea Vase
wheat field
apple clock (R/G)
bromeliaceae (R/G)
daffodil chair (Y/G)
daffodil table (Y/G)
glow clock (Y/G)
house model (R/G)
lemon table (Y/G)
melon chair (Y/G)
Music Box (Lucky Item)
Sunflower (Y/G)
Tea Set (Y/G)
Throne (R/Y)
Treasure Chest (Lucky Item) (Y/G)
Tulip Chair (R/G)
Tulip Table (R/G)
Two-Story Model (R/G)
Watermelon Chair (R/G)
Watermelon Table (R/G)
Wide House Model (R/G)
*Many gyroids count for feng shui points, but which ones are not known.